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In Nature we are closer to the oneness of our true being..

Take a beautiful scenic drive to the country. Where a feeling of freedom synchronizes with nature. . 

Life becomes adventurous and mystical with a zest for playfulness. As, the temperature warms, smells of  Jasmine, honeysuckle, rosemary, lavender and roses began to fill the air.  Butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds flutter about the magnificent  vibrant colored flowers. Tranquil flowing waters bring calmness to the surroundings, as birds sing from the mammoth smiling sunflowers. Tall Cedar trees of wisdom look over the enchanted gardens.. This is a perfect time to schedule a individual or  group reading in the garden.  You may want to enjoy a Relaxing session of  Reiki or Hypnotherapy in the meditation Room among the flowers.

 Tamara works from a place of the heart and can give you insight and tools to help guide you towards your goals. Tamara provides therapeutic services to both people and animals,  and is here to help whether you have experienced troubled times, or are looking to improve your well being. Tamara can connect you to your love one and animals that have passed over bringing understanding and validation into your life. 

Tamara helps people and their animals in all stages of life. In addition to developing such programs as Healing with Horses, The Horse Companion Program, she is also a major contributor in the production of Spiritual workshops.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 
360-609-0493 or email at

Tamara also offers a variety of workshops.

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Beam of Loving Guidance

See What People Are Saying About Tamara's Services

Amazing experience! I felt safe and nurtured. She is not motivated by money. She is the real deal and i'll be back over and over until I don't need her anymore;) Which would be her goal for me too! Beautiful facility. Beautiful spirit. My friend and I drove 90 min. Each way and on the way back home never turned on the radio... We were busy chatting about our amazing experiences and comparing stories. One word- amazing! Other words to describe- mind- blowing and a blessing in my life.
January 03, 2014 Heather Fran

This was my first Reiki session and the entire visit from Tamara meeting me at the front gate to her calm and caring demeanor immediately put me at ease. She provided a complete explanation on the Reiki process, listened to my needs and provided an incredible Reiki session. The location and atmosphere was just what I was looking for and Tamara is amazing! I have already scheduled my next visit. 
October 23, 2013 

"Before I went and saw Tamara, I suffered from very bad allergies. Ever since  I was a child, from March through October I was a sniffling mess, with allergy medication not helping any more. And any time I got near cats, dogs, horses, and birds. I heard about hypnosis for allergies, and thought I’d give it a try. I had only my allergies to lose. So I scheduled an appointment and met with Tamara a few days later. I told her about what triggered my allergies, and how nothing anymore helps. She discussed with me how the hypnosis works, and answered all of my questions, making me feel very at ease and excited to see what results I would get. She also told me it might take up to three or four sessions to see great results. Any relief would be worth it. Now, three sessions later, I’m completely allergy free and enjoying the outdoors." Jody Workman  Portland, Or (Hypnosis session)

"Very informative. Was more than just a horseback ride. Was a holistic experience with great information. Bill and Tamara were very friendly and had great stories to share" (Riding Lesson)

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful, comforting reading I received.  You provided such accurate and detailed information about my grandfather that I literally had chills during our session.  The reading truly gave me comfort and validation that my loved one is still with me, and that life continues after we've passed over."

Julie Templeton (Medium session)

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