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Horse Companion Program

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be in “in the know” when it came to horses? I mean, really be in that space where the understanding between horse and human are in a place of one? Have you ever dreamed of walking side by side with your horse, strong, confident and courageous; knowing that your horse respects you, trusts you and looks to you for leadership? I’m here to tell you that Bill and Tamara, owners of The Cameron Ranch in Woodland, WA have what it takes to get you there. 
My name is Joy and my love for horses is what brought me to The Cameron Ranch not too long ago. What I discovered there are two incredible people working as a team to make life better for horses and the people who love them. Bill and Tamara work together with ease and simplicity to take you to a high-level of skill, self-assurance and oneness with your horse.
Bill has over 40 plus years’ experience in the world of horses and through his straightforwardness, expertise and proficient skill, he will guide you through not only the mechanics, that is, haltering, saddling and bridling, he will also teach you the Art of lunging, driving, join-up and riding. Bill has studied all the great horsemen, past and present and has designed a spectacular one of kind program that incorporates the best of the best. When it comes to knowledge, persistence and resolution, Bill has it all.
Tamara’s natural intuitive instincts, and graceful style with the horse add a gentle and quiet softness to the program. Tamara has the ability to step outside of the box and with her talent for seeing beyond the usual, she will guide you to the bridge that connects your heart to the heart of your horse. It’s powerful and magical.

If you are looking to excel in your confidence, form a magnificent partnership with your horse, and experience the magic of oneness, I strongly urge you to contact Bill & Tamara today. 

May 5, 2014

Horse Companion Program

Horse Companion Program

Dear Tamara and Bill
I'm having such a great time! The trail ride was the perfect highlight and finishing touch to the Companionship Program. I would be sad if I couldn't continue on with the program. Spending time at your ranch is a blessing. You've been so good to me. I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Love Debra

"The Horse Companionship Program has been an awesome experience. It is a well-rounded program that has enabled me to develop proper handling techniques and leadership skills. The Ranch provides quality, well-trained horses that are a pleasure to handle and ride. Learning how to bond and communicate with these amazing animals is incredible. The Ranch provides a safe, nurturing environment with easy access to riding trails. Bill and Tamara are excellent instructors who take good care of their horses and riders. They work hard to present valuable, first-rate experiences. The Cameron Ranch is a healing place, a place to feel good and enjoy the magic of horses and nature. I will be continuing with the program. It is a great value!"
 Debra, September 28,2012

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