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        Hypnotherapy is known for it's quick and effective results
Hypnosis is a naturally induced focused state of deep relaxation. Hypnosis is a powerful and effective technique for bypassing the critical judgmental conscious mind and accessing the receptive subconscious mind. With the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist, positive suggestions can be presented to the subconscious mind to create beneficial psychological and physiological changes.
No matter what your aim is, changing your mind can change your life. Tamara is dedicated to helping you choose your goals through proven, effective client centered methods. Tamara listens to your concerns and tailors a hypnosis session just for you. Tamara's emphasizes is on imagery, stress reduction and relaxation to bring out the change you want and need.  Whether your coping with the daily stress of work, changes in life, weight management, pain, sadness,
post traumatic stress or ready to stop smoking hypnosis will deliver the hypnotic assistance you need.
Just think of the possibilities that lie in store for you when you learn to use the innate power of your subconscious mind to program your mind/body for positive mental and physical results.  Powerful, self confidence, a healthier mind and body, achievements of your personal goals.  In other words a better life, a life filled with love, happiness and all the good things you could desire.
    Listed below are a few situations where hypnosis could help.

  • stress and anxiety
  • post traumatic stress
  • fears
  • smoking cessation
  • nail biting
  • teeth grinding
  • pain control
  • relaxing
  • habit patterns
  • manifesting
  • removing blocks
  • problem solving
  • sleeping
  • cancer patients
  • caregivers
  • grief
  • healing
  • flying
  • test anxiety
  • and much more  

You first session will consist of about  90 minutes.  There will be a little paper work to fill out and then we will discuss how to help you reach your goals.  Once ready your hypnotherapist will guide you into a relaxed state of mind. This is a natural state we experience everyday. You are still in control. 

 jan 15, 2013
I have tried many diets and exercise programs over the years but none
have been as effective as hypnotism. Tamara made it so simple and easy. I
no longer have a craving for sweets, fried foods or junk food. I am
eating healthy and for the first time in years enjoying fruits and
vegetables. I started the program two days before Thanksgiving and had no
trouble getting though the holidays. By New Years Day I had lost 15
pounds and continue to loose weight. This is the first time that I have
not had to constantly think about what I was going to eat or how much. It
happens naturally. I have the power to make good decisions about my food
selection without stress. I would recommend this program to anyone who
needs to change their life style with a simple and easy step.
Nancy L  

    What if I can't be hypnotised?

Everyone can be hypnotised. In fact the more intelligent the person is the easier it is to hypnotise them. The modern induction methods are fast and reliable-no swinging watches, no staring eyes, just a gentle voice guiding you into a relaxing trance. Trance is a natural state. We all experience trance every day in various forms. If you have ever driven home and not remembered how you got there, or if you have ever been so absorbed in a book, movie or computer game that you lost track of time, you were in trance.

         Will I Lose Control?

You are always in control. You need to be in control in order to let go. You can choose to accept the suggestions, but you can also choose not to. Hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis. Part of your mind remains alert and you are in charge the whole time, and will not be asked to do anything you wouldn't feel comfortable with. You wont be giving away any secrets.  You are in control of what you say at all times and  you wont be doing anything you don't remember.

         Will I fall asleep?

Hypnosis is not sleep. Natural sleep is measurable different from hypnotic trance.  However, trance usually involves deep relaxation, so people don't typically move very much.  Hypnotised people might look as they are asleep, but they are only deeply relaxed.

 Some weekends Appointments Available.

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