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This range of therapy finds blockages or stagnations in the energy field in and around the body and restores its proper circulation and balance, stimulating the body's innate healing capacity. 
Healing Session Rates
30 min session-$40.00
60 min session-$80.00

Reiki l and ll Attunement and Certification Course


Angelic Healing and Angelic  Attunements

Treat yourself to a unique blend of healing light and energy from the angelic realm. Sessions are gentle, beautiful and light-filled. They assist you in healing and clearing the mental and spiritual bodies, as well as accessing the angelic realms. Clear negativity, and lift your heart and spirit. Includes messages from your angels.

Healing Sessioin Rates
30 min session-$65.00
60 min session-$125.00 


Hypnosis is a naturally induced focused state of deep relaxation. Hypnosis is a powerful and effective technique for bypassing the critical judgmental conscious mind and accessing the receptive subconscious mind. With the guidance of a professional certified hypnotherapist,  positive suggestions can be presented to the subconscious to create beneficial psychological and physiological changes. Hypnosis offers the guidance you need in accessing your powerful subconscious mind. Through hypnosis you can naturally, safely and effectively create balance and wellness in your body, mind and spirit. You can eliminate fears, reduce stress and anxiety, control pain, replace unwanted behaviors with desirable behaviors and more...

Hypnotherapy Session Rates
60 min session- $100.00

Medium Reading
Mediums build the bridge of communication between the spirit world and the physical world.  We are the voices for those in the spirit world providing proof of existence beyond the physical world.  Being born a psychic medium, I have helped people connect with their loved ones through clairvoyance (seeing) clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling). Giving validation that our loved ones are still connected to us after passing over. A session can be very therapeutic and bring understanding and closure to you and your loved one. 

Medium Reading Rates
30 min session-$65.00
60 min session-$125.00

Intuitive and Metaphysical Counseling

A combination of psychic work, intuition and philosophy come together to provide you with insight into your life. and path. Guidance provided to help you make decisions for your life path. With this knowledge you have the power you need to help it happen or change it. 

Intuitive and Metaphysical Rates
30 min session-$65.00
60 min session-$125.00

Animal Communication

Communicating intuitively with animals means mentally sending and receiving thoughts, images, and emotions. Animals are masters at intuitive communication. They talk to each other intuitively and are able to intuitively 'sense' people and the environment very well.  Animals live in the moment and are straight to the point with what they have to share

Animal Communication Rates 
60 min session $100.00 my place

Horse back riding Lessons
Horse Companion Program
Healing with Horses 
Reiki with Critters and more...

Give a Gift from the Heart

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