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Reiki with Horses Certification Course


             Meet Angel

Katie May- (Angel's Mom). Yawning during May 2nd 2015 Animal Reiki course (pic on left)  29 days after this picture was taken.  Angel... the Reiki baby was born

"Thank you for an awesome day at your ranch. What was supposed to be a day healing horses with reiki turned out to be a day of healing for me. The minute I drove up I could feel the peace and serenity of your property. I will definitely be back and look forward to continued healing and growth with your kind and caring assistance. "
Sharon E May 2nd 2015

Amber( foal) is now 6 years old. She has  received reiki her entire life. she loves to help out in the Reiki Classes

Most all  the animals were born here at the ranch...along with 3 generations of Reiki loving horses. Couple of us love Reiki so much we asked to be attuned..most all of us 4-leggers have received Reiki in uetro and ever after. We continue to love every minute of it whether we are giving it or receiving it. 


Max Loves giving and receiving Reiki

Tamara has great insight and is very in tuned with the energy of the horse. She is extremely intuitive and has developed a oneness connection with the horse; and all other animals and nature as well. I truly enjoyed the entire experience and I take with me a new found freedom, wisdom and inner strength that is the true essence of the horse. Thank you, Tamara!
Joycelyn Rose

In this class we will work with miniature horses, Big horses, a goat and  a miniature donkey.  Occasionally a kitty or dog may come to share in the love. 
Mostly hands on will be with horses.

In this class you will be guided towards:

  • Honoring yourself and the Animals
  • Clearing
  • Awareness
  • Asking for permission
  • Language of the horse
  • Chakra system
  • Hands on or off
  • Hand positions
  • Grounding
  • Different animal energies
  • Animal Case studies much more...

You will receive a Certification of completion after completing this course of training requirements set forth by The Cameron Ranch.
 Reiki l and ll required 

Certification Course

Next class Saturday June 4th
This class starts at 9:30 am-3:30 pm

call 360.609.0493
price $200.00

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