Beam of Loving Guidance -

  • Tricia R.
  • on Sep 8, 2017
  • for One 60-minute reiki session

Tamara was wonderful! Very inviting and explaining Reiki to me. It was a very Spiritual experience as well. I left feeling lighter, relieved of stress and looking forward to the changes happening in my life journey. I highly recommend her.

  • Michelle G.
  • on Jul 22, 2017
  • for One 60-minute reiki session
When I met Tamara this morning, it felt like meeting an old beloved friend​. I just left a 1 hour Reiki session with was much more than I could have imagined. Although I am feeling joyously relaxed, I got so much more than just relaxation.. Hope, joy and a sense of peace just from this one session. I have already booked my next appt! Thank you Tamara, I can't wait to see you again.

Tamara has the ability to turn your world from black & white to vibrant color. My experience with a hypnotherapy session conducted by Tamara was brilliant.  With Tamara’s soothing demeanor, calming manner and reassuring voice, I was soon transported into a world of relaxing images.  Tamara then guided me to see and feel my chosen path; all the while supporting, encouraging and cheering me in my new aspiration. I was very comfortable and peaceful during the entire session. At times I think I drifted off to sleep and other times I was wide awake and intent on hearing every positive word.  As the session came to a close I remember waking with a feeling of jubilation. The emotion of joyousness swept over my entire body as if I was being cloaked in a cape of love.  When I drove home that evening I was a different person. I was the better version of myself. Tamara has an amazing ability to not only assist you in getting rid of unwanted behaviors; she has a remarkable talent for enhancing your spirit. 
Joy  Riccardo Mon, May 19, 2014

Tamara has REALLY helped me learn to be more responsible about my eating habits.   I no longer crave things that aren't good for me: sweets, junk food etc.   I no longer find myself thinking about food constantly, only when I am hungry.   I have learned to have better eating habits, and enjoy exercise more.  In 6 weeks (6 sessions) I have lost 18 lbs and am feeling SO much better.   I have a long way to go, but with Tamara's help I know this will continue to be a way of life for me.    The experience has been very relaxing and comforting.     FINALLY I can see a light at the end of the tunnel with my struggle for weight loss... this has made it SO much easier.
Ruth May 30, 2013

Good morning and Happy Friday!
Happy to live in the northwest on this gorgeous day. Its a good day to be a nonsmoker. I wanted to write and thank you for the Hypnosis session. It really took the edge off of the want for cigarettes. I have not had any since before our session. Although the cravings are still there sometimes, the telling myself NO factor is much stronger. Deep breaths and tooth picks are much more healthy. 
Thank you again Tamara, Friday , April 26, 2013 Dave

"Tamara is very skilled at what she does. She is very warm and friendly. She is in the country and the drive is beautiful. "Deal: Two 60-Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions - Portland Eastside / Vancouver, WA - 3/12/2013  Saturday, April 20 2013 8:40 PM 

  •  Tamara was great! I had never been to a hypnotist but she was professional and took me on quite a journey... Will  definitely be returning.
             Jubilee H Two 60-Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions 

  • Tamara has a very relaxing, supportive style. I'm using hypnosis for weight loss and have been helped from the first session. Two 60-Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions
    Two 60-Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions
    Thumbs Up 01/16/2013           
              Joyce B

 I was tense and apprehensive about my first session. Even the word Reiki sounds strange to me.  I was not sure how this session would work or if It would benefit me at all. Once the session began, I became very relaxed and comfortable.  I left with a  sense of calm peacefulness.  I now look forward to energy sessions and love the benefits it brings. 
Thank you,  
 William Royce

After my Reiki session I felt amazing. I can't wait to have it done again!!!!
October 29, 2012

Tamara was kind and gentle with energy healing. Great time at the ranch! 
 Lisa, September 22, 2012

I enjoyed Tamara and my first Reiki experience. I could feel the energy in her hands enter parts of my body. I would also recommend her as a psychic. She knew we had moved recently. It was a very good experience on a nice farm.
Christine, September 28, 2012

Hi Tamara, just wanted to let you know that I have felt so calm and at peace since I left the Reiki session yesterday. I could not find where to leave a review of the session on Groupon but I would have given it 5 stars if I could! Thank you so much. 
Barb, September 28,2012


May 18, 2012
Before I went and saw Tamara, I suffered from very bad allergies. Ever since  Iwas a child, from March through October I was a sniffling mess, with allergy medication not helping any more. And any time I got near cats, dogs, horses, and birds. I heard about hypnosis for allergies, and thought I’d give it a try. I had only my allergies to lose. So I scheduled an appointment and met with Tamara a few days later. I told her about what triggered my allergies, and how nothing anymore helps. She discussed with me how the hypnosis works, and answered all of my questions, making me feel very at ease and excited to see what results I would get. She also told me it might take up to three or four sessions to see great results. Any relief would be worth it. Now, three sessions later, I’m completely allergy free and enjoying the outdoors.
Jody Workman- Portland, Or

From Fear to Freedom
Horses have always touched my spirit. As a child I would try to convince my Mother we could put a horse in the back yard of our city home. My mother fed my horse craziness in ways she could afford. When my cousins got two horses, we went quickly to meet the new horses. Imagine my mother's disappointment, when my eyes began to turn red, I began to sneeze and the worst part, I could hardly breathe. I was allergic. 
Years pass, decades really, but the horse fever never left me. After my oldest son moved away with my grandson I had a terrible case of empty nest. Out of desperation and feeling terribly alone, I drove to the Cameron Ranch where my journey out of the darkness began. 
I first started with hypnosis with Tamara. My goal was to rid myself of the horse allergy. After two sessions I felt better. I could be around horses and actually handle them. I was also surprised that I could handle cats as well. So I took the next step that any normal woman would do - I bought a horse. Ok, maybe not any woman would buy a horse, but I did. The only thing was, I couldn't ride.
Enters Bill Cameron. Cowboy Bill. I have learned so much about horses through Bill. After all he's been doing this for "forty years".  He hasn't always been easy with me, but because of that I feel safer on the trails. He is exact in his teaching and only compliments when it is the truth. He makes it look easy and he will stay with you until you get it right. I watched, listened, read books and watched DVD's, but still had trouble riding my new dream horse. I was afraid. 
Back to Tamara I go. Two more sessions of hypnosis, to deal with my fear. Something told me it was not only my fear of horses that was holding me back. It was something deeper in my soul, in my past,  I was afraid of so much.

As Tamara and I talked following my last session, her inner beauty began to unfold in front of me, I saw the most beautiful spirit. She is extremely caring and she is authentic. I felt blessed to be in her presence - I have never felt anything like this before in my life, it washed over me like a great understanding - a healing - I was where I was supposed to be. 
Bill and Tamara are wonderful people. They care about people and their horses. They want to see you succeed and know that success with your horse skills will bring success in other areas of your life as well. It has in mine. And for this, I am grateful. 
Thank you both.

October 25, 2012
Tricia & Moonshine. 

Ridding lessons

  • Bill and Tamara are wonderful. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn about horses and riding.
    90-Minute Riding Lesson
    Thumbs Up 12/05/2012

  • Very informative. Was more than just a horseback ride. Was a holistic experience with great information. Bill and Tamara were very friendly and had great stories to share. 90-Minute Riding Lesson
    90-Minute Riding Lesson
    Thumbs Up 12/03/2012

  •  It was fantastic! They were so nice, the horses were beautiful, gentle, and  friendly. My daughter can't stop talking about it and is begging to go back for her birthday party. 90-Minute Riding Lesson 08/29/2012

  •  Excellent place horse riding lessons. Tamara is very nice and patient teacher.
              90-Minute Riding Lesson
              Thumbs Up  08/28/2012

  •  Bill and Tamara were great host. They have great horses, and a great     place. We  had a great time. Thank you.

  •   Had a great time. Excellent instructors and a wonderful horse. I look     forward    to going back for a trail ride. August 24, 2012      

  •  Bill and Tamara provide the best horse trail riding training possible. Great  training with clear communication, safety-minded and you can tell by the way they teach us of their love of riding! We will be back for more obstacle courses with Merry Leggs. Thank you. August 05, 2012

  •  They were very welcoming and the lesson was great. I enjoyed  myself    August  04, 2012

  • My kids and I  had a great time. We learned a lot from Bill in the  introductory   lesson, and hope to return for a trail ride.

  • I had a wonderful lesson, the ride was so smooth. I'll be going back!

  • It was truely a positive experience that will not be forgotten.
          August 03, 2012

Horse Companion Program

Dear Tamara and Bill
I'm having such a great time! The trail ride was the perfect highlight and finishing touch to the Companionship Program. I would be sad if I couldn't continue on with the program. Spending time at your ranch is a blessing. You've been so good to me. I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Love Debra

"The Horse Companionship Program has been an awesome experience. It is a well-rounded program that has enabled me to develop proper handling techniques and leadership skills. The Ranch provides quality, well-trained horses that are a pleasure to handle and ride. Learning how to bond and communicate with these amazing animals is incredible. The Ranch provides a safe, nurturing environment with easy access to riding trails. Bill and Tamara are excellent instructors who take good care of their horses and riders. They work hard to present valuable, first-rate experiences. The Cameron Ranch is a healing place, a place to feel good and enjoy the magic of horses and nature. I will be continuing with the program. It is a great value!"
 Debra, September 28,2012

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