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Spring time reading in the Garden
Living my Dream
Happenings at the Ranch


Horse back riding
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Spring time reading in the Garden

Getting ready for a group Reading in the garden. The garden is alive with Butterflies and Birds. Smells of Iris and Lavender fill the air as i prepare the meditation room for an amazing group reading.

Living my Dream

Nature, consumes me as i ride among the tall trees of wisdom. The colors are vibrant, crisp and clear. Birds are perched high above us cheerfully singing  as we pass. The sun fills me with warmth as the breeze gently caresses my skin.
Reflections from the water mirrors the majestic Mt Saint Helens along with the mighty hills and trees that surround this place of beauty. I feel free at peace. It is, as if,
i am in a dream...

Happenings at the Ranch

We had frost this morning Brrr..
Today, is a glorious day! Sun shining, Birds singing.. the horses are standing happy and content. Welcome to my Blog and the many happenings at the Ranch. Many Blessings...
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